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Floating Production Systems

assessment of the outlook for FPSO vessels,
production semis, TLPs and spars

July 2005


176 Floating Production Systems Now Operating



Outline of Report



1. Overview of the Floater Business Sector        

Recent Orders and Deliveries    

What's Now Being Built         

Trend in Order Backlog          

Current Fabrication and Conversion Activity         

Floaters Planned or Under Study    

2. Details for Floaters in Operation, On Order or Planned       

Inventory of Floating Production Systems     

Inventory of Floating Storage Systems     

Production and Storage Systems Installed Since September 1996    

Floaters Now on Order     

Floating Production Projects Planned or Under Study     



1. Projects in the Planning Stage       

Block 16 (Angola)    

Block 31 (Angola)     

Block 32 (Angola)    

Aje (Nigeria)    

Anton Marin (Gabon)    

Kudu (Namibia)     

Dome Flore (Senegal/Guinea Bissau)     

Tiof (Mauritania)    

Vincent (Australia)     

BS-500 (Brazil)     

Hebron/Ben Nevis (Canada)     

Bigfoot (Gulf of Mexico)     

Great White,etc. (Gulf of Mexico)     

Hadrian (Gulf of Mexico)     

Stones (Gulf of Mexico)     

Cascade (Gulf of Mexico)     

Jack (Gulf of Mexico)     

St. Malo/Das Bump/La Jolla (Gulf of Mexico)     

Dumbarton/Brenda (U.K.)     

Laggan (U.K.)     

Skipper (U.K.)     

Yme (Norway)     

Krishna Godavari (India)     

Cuu Long (Vietnam)     


2. Projects in the Final Design or Bidding Stage       

Kizomba C/D (Angola)     

Usan (Nigeria)     

EOV (Gabon)     

Pyrenees (Australia)     

Puffin (Australia)     

Tui (New Zealand)     

Maari (New Zealand)    

Golfinho II (Brazil)     

Marlim Sul (Brazil)     

Roncador (Brazil)     

Jubarte (Brazil)     

Polvo (Brazil)     

BC 10 (Brazil)     

KuMaZa (Mexico)     

Xijiang (China)     

Wenchang (China)     

Shenzi (Gulf of Mexico)     

Telemark (Gulf of Mexico)     

Skarv (Norway)     

Belanak (Indonesia)     

Terang/Sirasun (Indonesia)     

TBA (Indonesia)     

South Pars (Iran)     


3.  New Orders and Relocations      

Akpo FPSO vessel (Nigeria)     

Espadarte FPSO vessel (Brazil)     

Neptune (Gulf of Mexico)    

Tahiti production spar (Gulf of Mexico)     

Chestnut FPSO vessel (U.K.)     

South Angsi FSO (Malaysia)     

Volve MOPU/FSO vessel (Norway)     

Cendor MOPU (Malaysia)     

Kashagan gas compression barges (Kazakhstan)     

4.  Systems On Order      

Agbami FPSO vessel (Nigeria)     

Chinguetti FPSO vessel (Mauritania)     

Thunder Horse production semi (Gulf of Mexico)    

Atlantis production semi (Gulf of Mexico)     

Kikeh wellhead spar (Malaysia)     


5. Systems Recently Completed      

Kizomba B FPSO vessel (Angola)     

Bonga FPSO vessel (Nigeria)     

Bonny River LPG FPSO and gas processing barge (Nigeria)     

Kristin production semi (Norway)     

Jasmine FPSO vessel (Thailand)     

Nang Nuan MOPU/FSO (Thailand)     


6. Existing Systems   

Etame FPSO vessel (Gabon)     

Yoho FPSO vessel (Nigeria)     

Zaafarana FPSO vessel (Egypt)     

Marlim Sul P 47 FPSO vessel (Brazil)     

Wanaea/Cossack FPSO vessel (Australia)     

Laminaria/Corallina FPSO vessel (Australia)     

Roncador FPSO vessel (Brazil)     

Lufeng FPSO vessel (China)     

Boomvang production spar (Gulf of Mexico)     

Triton FPSO vessel (U.K.)     

Curlew FPSO vessel (U.K.)     

Njord production semi (Norway)     

Jotun FPSO vessel (Norway)     

Ukpokiti FPSO vessel (Nigeria)     

Marco Polo TLP (Gulf of Mexico)     

Maui B FPSO vessel (New Zealand)     

Dai Hung production semi (Vietnam)     





1.          Oil Demand Continues to Grow     

2.          Oil and Gas Prices Remain High     

3.          E&P Activity Reacting to High Oil and Gas Prices    

4.          Offshore Rig Activity is Strengthening   

5.          Recent Production Floater Orders at Long Term Average     





1.          Floating Production Systems Moving into Deeper Water     

2.          Geographical Composition of Floater Locations Changing    

3.          Floater Choice Increasingly Favoring FPSOs     

4.          Sevan Marine Continues to Expand Presence     

5.          CNOOC a Major Player in Floating Production     

6.          Nigeria Tightens Local Content Requirement     

List of Exhibits

1.         Deliveries and Orders Since the April Report  

2.        Current Orders for Production and Storage Systems    

3.        Trend in Order Backlog for Floating Production Systems   

4.         Number and Location of Facilities Fabricating and Converting Floating Production Units 

5.         Projects in the Planning, Bidding or Final Design Stage as of July 2005  

6.         Overview of Floating Production Systems and Storage Vessels in Operation or Available as of July 2005  

7.         Inventory of Floating Production Systems as of July 2005   

8.          Inventory of Floating Storage Systems as of July 2005  

9.          Floating Production and Storage Systems Installed Since September 1996   

10.      Floating Production and Storage Systems on Order as of July 2005   

11.      Overview of Who's Building What?  

12.      Location and Water Depths of Floating Production Systems Planned or Under Study as of July 2005  

13.      List of Floating Production Systems Being Bid, Designed, Planned or Studied as of July 2005   

14.     Trend in Global Oil Demand   

15.      Actual and Futures Price of Crude   

16.     Henry Hub Natural Gas Price and Nymex Futures    

17.     Trend in Number of Active Offshore Rigs   

18.     Trend in Orders for Floating Production Systems   

19.      Water Depth of Floating Production Systems  

20.      Operating Area of Floating Production Systems  

21.      Type Unit Employed for Floating Production  

22.      CNOOC's Presence in Floating Production Systems  





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